A GOLD Coast solicitor has warned that employer rights must not be overlooked or lost as Australian unions ramp up their latest campaign.

Monica Drivas, senior associate at Gold Coast firm MBA Lawyers, said employees are already provided with significantly high amounts of rights and protections under the current Fair Work laws. She added that further legislative changes implemented to the detriment of employers would likely result in many having to cut staff to remain viable. The Australian Council of Trade Unions recently launched its largest advertising campaign in a decade as part of its Change the Rules drive, which looks at job security and pay rises.

“Employer rights are often overlooked or lost as a result of such fearmongering campaigns ,” Ms Drivas said. “Just because you are an employer does not mean that you are automatically ruthless, unfair to your staff or out to do the wrong thing.

“Many small and medium-size enterprise employers are merely ordinary people trying to keep their ‘businesses afloat in ever more difficult and competitive times.

“While employees continue to enjoy a great amount of protections and have recourse to many options regarding workplace relations and conditions, employers are saddled with having to decipher and adhere to increasingly complex labour laws while still attempting to keep their businesses somewhat profitable.

“It is imperative that a more measured approach be taken — free from fearmongering — to reduce the possibility of dire financial outcomes for our SMEs.”

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