Beata Leszczuk is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and has nearly 20 years experience advising client’s on all facets of family law, including:-

–          parenting and financial cases;

–          divorce;

–          international family law matters, including relocation and Hague Convention matters;

–          pre-nuptial and post-nuptial Financial Agreements for married and de-facto couples;

–          domestic / family violence;

–          child support / departure applications;

–          spousal maintenance;

–          cross – jurisdictional matters (between Australia and New Zealand); and

–          complex property matters involving intricate business structures, including corporate and / or trusts entities and third parties and / or creditors.

Beata is dedicated to assisting clients to resolve matters through alternate dispute resolution processes including negotiation, mediation and arbitration, before invoking the pathway of Court intervention and litigation. Beata recognises the importance of achieving an early and harmonious resolution for her clients to reduce stress during what can be a highly emotional and difficult time.

Beata’s aim is to work closely with her clients to develop a strategy to progress their matter in an efficient and cost effective manner. Where necessary, she collaborates with many other reputable and trusted professionals, including accountants, forensic experts, valuers, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, barristers and other solicitors, to achieve the best resolution for her clients.

Whilst being tactical in the manner in which she progresses her matters, Beata is empathetic to her client’s needs in guiding, supporting and preparing them through the various stages of their matter, be that alternate dispute resolution and / or Court proceedings.

Beata understand the emotional toll that separation can have on families, which is why she is passionate about what she does and is dedicated in helping her clients through their separation.

Beata Leszczuk


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