Body Corporate Law

Having the experience, commitment and integrity to deal with a vast array of complex issues and disputes enables us to be at the forefront of this specialised industry.

We have assembled the most experienced and well respected body corporate and management rights lawyers in the country, boasting two Fellows of the Australian College of Community Association Lawyers Inc (ACCAL) accredited in Rob Balanda and Clayton Glenister. Clayton is also the inaugural honorary solicitor for the Queensland Association of Body Corporates (QABC). Our Services Include:

  • Building defect disputes and actions against builders and developers;
  • Preparation of Caretaking and Letting Agreements;
  • Acting on behalf of Body Corporates in relation to the Assignment of Management Rights;
  • Preparation of Community Management Statements, Building Management Statements and advises concerning layered schemes;
  • Advising managers/caretakers and bodies corporate in the protection of their rights;
  • Disputes involving Body Corporate, committee, service contractors and letting agents through the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) as well as the District, Supreme and High Courts of Australia;
  • Lot entitlement disputes;
  • The ability to assist bodies corporate and management rights operators to interpret and understand the legislation;
  • Advice on all matters relating to the set-up of management rights in new or existing complexes;
  • Acting in relation to the purchase and sale of Management Rights transactions throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria;
  • Bylaw drafting and breaches; and
  • Debt and levy recovery.

Management Rights

We have been at the forefront of the Management Rights industry since its inception having acted for many hundreds of Management Rights operators in both purchases and sales of Management Rights, ranging from small complexes right through to large multilayered schemes.

We are able to provide timely, practical and experienced advice to all of our clients, whether a small scheme operator or a publicly listed company involved in the Management Rights industry, in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria.

As this is a specialised area of the law, it is vital that you are receiving specialised, experienced and practical advice. Most lenders will only accept industry recognised lawyers’ legal due diligence reports in financing these purchases as the legality of your agreements is vital in protecting your and the banks significant investment in the management rights business.

We will ensure that your life savings are protected by providing practical and trusted legal advice and expertise.

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