Recently separated? Here’s our top 6 ‘dos and don’ts’

If you’ve recently separated, it’s important to remember that this is a phase in your life that will eventually pass. Most people are understandably very emotional during their separation, and also during the legal process of dividing assets and organizing parenting arrangements. Emotions can more often than not lead to poor decisions, so we thought … Continued

Manuka Honey Case Has A Sting In The Tail

by Mitchell Clark, MBA Lawyers Partner A legal joust between Australia and New Zealand over the right to sell Manuka honey reached a sticky end late last year with the UK Intellectual Property Office  throwing out an application for trademark made by a group of Kiwi honey producers.    The high priced nectar has been … Continued

Illegal Phoenixing

By Tessa Calver-James, Senior Associate, Corporate, Business & Commercial Law   It is possible to rise from the ashes of a business setback. Undertaking corporate administration, liquidation or insolvency processes are legitimate pathways for business owners to start over. However, there are some unscrupulous people who misuse the process to avoid their responsibilities to creditors. … Continued

Project Trust Account Roll Out – Are You Ready?

Written by Peter Waller – Special Counsel – QLS Accredited Specialist – Commercial Litigation at MBA Lawyers Starting from 1 January 2022, certain private sector, local government and government construction contracts in Queensland, valued at $10 million or more, will require a project trust account. It is timely for project owners, head contractors and contractors … Continued

Adjudication brings parking by-law breaches to a stand still

Body Corporate by-laws need enforcing and sometimes that means going to adjudication through the Queensland Body Corporate and Community Management Commissioner’s Office. In September this year, the Helensvale Villas Body Corporate received an adjudication order in their favour regarding a resident who persistently parked their car on common property car parks. Each property in this … Continued

Construction payment claim deadlines over the Christmas season

Written by Peter Waller – Special Counsel – QLS Accredited Specialist – Commercial Litigation at MBA Lawyers   The timeframes to take steps under the Queensland Security of Payment legislation (Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017) are short and cannot be extended. If you miss a deadline, the consequences can be very costly. … Continued

When is a gift not a gift when it comes to property settlements?

With Christmas approaching, ‘tis the season for giving and receiving. For most of us, the gifts under the tree will be fairly ordinary – maybe that perfume we’ve hinted at, the next book in that series we’ve been reading or perhaps a special bottle of wine. Others though, will receive gifts that are much more … Continued

Legally, Virtually – how technology changes everything

Written by MBA Lawyers Partners Mitchell Clark, Joelene Seaton and senior associate Aleena Mills Virtual is the new real.  Thanks to Covid and its persistence, we’ve turned to new ways of interacting which are now almost (or should that be “virtually”) second nature including adoption of Zoom and its similar applications as ways of connecting … Continued