5 reasons why you shouldn’t risk a DIY Will

Creating your own will on the internet may seem like a cheap and effective way to get your affairs in order. But in reality, it is not as simple as it seems and there is no substitute for proper advice from a qualified lawyer, no matter how straightforward you think your affairs are. If your … Continued

Budget impact: Family Law

Yesterday (October 6, 2020) the Morrison government delivered its 2020-21 budget, promising significant funding towards family law and family relationship services. We’ve summarised the main takeaways for you and provided our expert comment on these important issues. $2.5m over two years from 2020-21 for federal family law courts to maintain specialised court lists for urgent … Continued

Can a lot owner get away with breaching a body corporate by-law?

Lot owners breaching body corporate by-laws is a common problem that body corporates often face. MBA Lawyers recently solved this problem for a Gold Coast body corporate when Associate Brendan Pitman successfully ran one of the first court cases in Queensland which resulted in an administrator being appointed to oversee the demolition of an unapproved … Continued

Insolvency regulations extended: what this means for you

Regulatory changes designed to assist businesses during the economic downturn have been extended until the end of the year. In March this year, federal regulations were passed increasing the time limits for statutory demands and bankruptcy notices for payment from 21 days to six months. The increased time limits were due to expire toward the … Continued

The most dangerous button for business social media pages

Many businesses rely on users interacting with their social media posts. But where a comment made by a user on a business page is defamatory, did you know that your business could be liable for significant damages not the user who posted it? On 1 June 2020, the New South Wales Court of Appeal decided … Continued

Online reviews: How to protect your business

Online reviews are a very powerful marketing tool for businesses. But did you know that many of these consumer reviews can be fake? According to ABC News Australia 16 per cent of all reviews on Yelp, 33 per cent of all reviews on TripAdvisor and more than half in some categories on Amazon are fake. … Continued

Conditions of entry – who makes the rules?

Business owners are legally allowed to set their own condition of entry as long as the conditions in place aim to protect themselves, their employees and other people on their property. In Victoria we’ve recently seen push back against stores such as Bunnings asking customers to wear a mask, when the business has deemed it … Continued

Do you read the fine print?

Do you read the fine print? ‘Subject to our Terms and Conditions’, is a term we often read at the end of a quotation, competition, sale agreement or simply a store’s returns policy. But who reads those, right? Wrong! While sometimes business owners think they are limiting the recourse that customers can have against them, … Continued