Project Bank Account Changes To Cover More Projects And Subcontractors

Written by Peter Waller – Special Counsel – QLS Accredited Specialist – Commercial Litigation Laws about Project Bank Accounts are changing to protect payments to contractors and reduce the administrative burden for head contractors, according to the QBCC. It is time for project owners, head contractors and contractors to review the trust account requirements, project … Continued

White Jordin joins MBA Lawyers as part of MBA Group

A message from Managing Partner Clayton Glenister It is with great pleasure that we can formally announce the addition of Brisbane firm White Jordin Lawyers and its team to MBA Group. White Jordin Special Counsel Rosemary Swan joined forces with MBA Lawyers to ensure her long-standing and valued clients would have a seamless transition to … Continued

Stopped By A Promise: Are You Getting A Fair Deal?

Written by MBA Lawyers Partner Mitchell Clark  “Stopped by a Promise” could be the title of an upbeat Kylie Minogue song, rather than a way of expressing a technical legal point. “Promissory Estoppel” is an unusual name for a modern legal concept in Australia that helps to ensure fairness in business dealings. Let me give … Continued

How Do Recent Changes To Casual Employment Affect You?

On 22 March 2021, the federal government passed changes to the Fair Work Act 2009, known as the Omnibus Bill. There is now a statutory definition of Casual Employment:  “A person is a casual employee where an offer of employment is made on the basis that the employer makes no firm advance commitment to continuing … Continued

Celebrating and reflecting: International Women’s Day 2021

Written by MBA Lawyers Family Law Partner Joelene Seaton As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, I have taken the chance to reflect upon how women have been treated in family law in history. Before 1857 – divorce was unattainable unless by Act of Parliament Before 1857, divorce was generally not available in Australia (or … Continued

Changes to Insolvency Laws

In March 2020, a number of changes to bankruptcy and insolvency laws were introduced to assist individuals and businesses impacted by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Those protections were designed to reduce the threat of legal action against individuals and businesses in financial distress, providing opportunity to survive the anticipated economic downturn.  … Continued

New HomeBuilder Grants available until 31 March 2021

Written by Peter Waller – Special Counsel – QLS Accredited Specialist – Commercial Litigation The Federal Government extended the HomeBuilder grant at the start of this year, (now $15,000, down from $25,000) and eligible owner-occupiers have until 31 March 2021 to sign an eligible contract. Reportedly, more than 75,000 Australian households applied for the first … Continued

Watch that face! Defamation by emoji?

Written by MBA Lawyers Partner Mitchell Clark An emoji has the capacity to be defamatory. As decided by Judge Gibson in recent case in the NSW District Court (Burrows v Houda [2020] NSWDC485) involving two Twitter posts in which the Defendant responded with a “Zipper-Mouth” face emoji. Australia’s first emoji complaint In an Australian-first, the … Continued