To look on the bright side of life during the COVID-19 crisis, the Personal Injury team at MBA Lawyers found a unique way to shine through.

The team’s sunflower growing competition initially started as a way to distract themselves from the uncertainty surrounding the crisis in the early days. But they soon realised they were brightening the lives of more than just themselves as neighbours reached out to complement the team too.

The stunning yellow sunflowers now adorn the office balcony in full bloom as a reminder of how there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

MBA Lawyers partner Mitchell Clark, who leads the Personal Injury team, said it was humbling how the competition helped so many people in various ways.

“I wanted my team to be able to stick together to continue support for our clients, so I initially saw the competition as a way of helping to keep us connected when some of our team remained in our office, and others worked remotely from home,” he said.

“I actually found that I got more out of it personally than I initially thought, becoming caught-up in the daily nurturing of the plants and hearing the positive feedback from my teammates and business associates.”

Team member Angela said the sunflowers helped to take her mind from the seriousness surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and the constant reminder about it in the media.

“Caring for the sunflowers and observing their progress helped me to keep a sense of normality,” she said.

“It was lovely when they started to bud and then the excitement and wonder when watching as the flowers unfolded.”