Joelene’s personable approach to family law matters and advocacy for alternate dispute resolution practices sets her apart from other lawyers on the Gold Coast. As a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in Family Law and Partner at MBA Lawyers, she has extensive experience in all facets of family law including parenting matters, property and financial disputes, de facto and same sex relationships, and financial agreements.

Joelene commenced her family law career as a law clerk in 2002 with a prominent Gold Coast firm, the first boutique family law firm in Australia. She had graduated in 2002 from Griffith University with a double degree in Law and International Business. After completing her articles in 2005, she has spent many years refining her expertise in family law on the Gold Coast before joining MBA Lawyers in 2018.

Joelene is particularly interested in and has advised on cases that span internationally, such as matters that involve cross-border jurisdictions, enforcement of foreign judgements, overseas assets, and international child abductions (Hague Convention). Joelene continues to be an advocate for alternate dispute resolution and works cooperatively with other professionals to maximise the possibility of an out-of-court settlement. Complementary to her practise in family law, Joelene also advises clients in relation to wills and estate planning matters.

When she’s not assisting the Gold Coast community through family law issues, you’ll find Joelene spending time with her own family and hitting the running tracks along the city’s stunning beachfronts. Joelene believes that a work life balance is the key to a successful career and family life.