About Nicola Frame

Nicola Frame is General Manager of MBA Lawyers, joining the firm in mid-2022.

Prior to MBA Lawyers, Nicola worked in top-tier law firms in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Sydney and the Gold Coast in a number of legal and senior management roles. She has also worked as an in-house lawyer in Brisbane.

Her most recent work was an international development DFAT-funded aid role in Papua New Guinea, a country she knows well having been born and raised there.

Nicola brings a wide range of international experience in law and business management to MBA Lawyers, applied through a highly consultative, collaborative and communicative approach. She is passionate about improving productivity while progressing commercial deliverables, refining systems and processes in order to turn workplace challenges into opportunities for the benefit of employees and clients.

Outside of work, Nicola happily spends her time with her two sons enjoying all the Gold Coast has to offer.