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Written by Personal Injuries expert Mitchell Clark

How do I support myself if I am away from my job due to injury?

In Queensland, there is a financial safety net provided through WorkCover, which is the Government-run insurer for the majority of workplaces in Queensland.

If you are injured whilst at work then you are able to receive support which includes funding for medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as coverage of lost salary. If your injury occurs on your way to work, you can still be covered by WorkCover.

After you reach the maximum level of improvement with your injuries, you will then have the option to make a further claim to cover yourself for potential future losses such as future loss of income, future care and assistance that you might need with completing domestic chores as well as future medical expenses.

As a sample, based on a real-life case, a worker was told to clean down the benches at a local fish shop at the end of the shift. The problem was that the tiled floor was slippery due to other staff mopping the floor. The worker fell and suffered broken bones in arm and shoulder. The worker couldn’t do heavy lifting and although was able to return to part time work, couldn’t return to full time work. The worker was then given an allowance as part of the lump sum payout representing the concern about loss of salary into the future. The payout was over $300,000.00.

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