It’s all about maximising benefits for you.

Our partners and staff collectively have over 200 years of experience working on the Gold Coast and have successful track records in dealing with a vast array of legal matters.

Each of them has a wealth of local knowledge that may well be useful for your matter.

Our local knowledge may be particularly useful for new residents on the Gold Coast who want to know about the city, services, regulations, attractions and introductions to other professionals.

We are also centrally located at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast which enables us to easily service the entire Gold Coast City area and beyond.

Most people presume their lawyers are up-to-date with legislation and provide reliable advice that will protect them, their families and their property.

Many are introduced to their lawyers when they buy their first home – for others, unfortunately it is when they get into legal strife.

If they don’t know a lawyer, they ask friends or associates recommend one, look in the telephone directory, seek legal aid or go to a Law Society for advice.

They rely heavily on a lawyer’s reputation – let’s face it, the quality of the legal advice you receive can be life changing.

We pride ourselves on our motto that “we are a firm that is large enough to know what we are doing but small enough to care”.