Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring

Business can be tough. As a firm with more than 50 years’ experience, you can trust our experience.  We’ve seen recessions, the GFC, economic downturns and now the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the midst of it all, there’s one thing we know – it doesn’t last forever. With the benefit of solid legal and accounting advice, we are here to arm you with the best possible resources to see it through those tough times.

Our team of Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring Lawyers have helped individuals and businesses overcome difficult stages of their life since 1970. We pride ourselves in assisting clients with practical and commercial solutions, working closely with trusted accountants and other business advisors.

We deploy business recovery and restructuring strategies, and when that is not possible, we advise clients through corporate administration, liquidation and personal insolvency processes.

With a strong reputation and a track record of delivering successful outcomes, we are confident in our promise to you to deliver the highest quality legal service, assistance and advice from our Gold Coast and Brisbane offices.


In life, it is all good until it’s not. Corporate restructuring might just get you through the not. Changes to operations, systems or structures is often critical – and might just be the solution you need, but sometimes you are too close to realise. We work tirelessly with you, accountants and business advisors to assist identifying those issues and deploying appropriate resolution strategies.

Restructuring is more than just looking at cash flow and balance sheets. It involves looking at your entire business to assess its strengths and weaknesses, which paves the way for making informed legal and accounting choices, identifying improvements, harnessing resources and refocusing on what is best for your business. Whether it’s a restructure, debt restructure, asset sale or controlled wind-down, we’re here for you.

Voluntary Administration

When a company restructure is not possible, voluntary administration may prove the next most viable option for both the company, employees, creditors and other stakeholders.

At MBA Lawyers, we have experience in assisting company directors in the decision-making process to place the company into voluntary administration, and can help you understand and navigate that process, including where possible, preparing a deed of company arrangement which may see the company continuing to trade on despite difficulties of the past.


Sometimes liquidation of the company is inevitable. MBA Lawyers prides itself in being able to provide directors with the advice that they need, and to provide the guidance that comes with the difficult decision to place the company into liquidation.

Our experience tells us that with the right advice and guidance, directors who face the prospect of the company going into liquidation will experience less stress and concern when they are provided with sound legal advice, empowering them to make early and informed decisions in otherwise difficult times.

Bankruptcy and other personal insolvency options

Bankruptcy is not a dirty word. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, people find themselves unable to pay their personal debts as and when they fall due. Whether it is an economic downturn, loss of employment or one of your businesses has not gone to plan, the outcome for individuals is sometimes unpleasant.

Bankruptcy is a legitimate and just way for an individual to resolve their debt problems. Whether it’s bankruptcy, a personal consultancy agreement or a debt agreement, MBA Lawyers is here to work with you and to guide you through the process.

MBA’s experience and expertise extends to acting and advising on:

  • Creditors’ claims
  • Cross-border insolvency
  • Advising on directors’ duties
  • Investigating accountants’ reports
  • Negotiations with secured creditors
  • Insolvent transactions
  • Preference claims
  • Voidable transactions

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