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When seeking legal support in your construction and building projects, our expert team is here to guide and assist you through all aspects, every step of the way. Whether you are looking to set up a new project, you are midway through a project and having issues with payment claims, or you are facing defects issues, we have the experience and capabilities you need to thrive.

With a QLD Law Society Accredited Specialist Commercial Litigation and a registered adjudicator we are well placed to meet both your front-end and back-end building law requirements. We have offices on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and can also assist you remotely wherever you are located.

Payment claims, responses and adjudications

Advising on disputes over claims for payment, including claims for variations

Preparation of payment claims, adjudication applications and supporting documents for submission to adjudication

Preparation of payment schedules, adjudication responses and supporting documents for submission to adjudication

Advising on adjudicators’ decisions (including jurisdictional errors and natural justice) under that Act and, where necessary, challenging their validity

Contract claims and defects disputes

Claims for delay, disruption and acceleration costs, claims for variations and extensions of time, and claims for liquidated damages

Directions to rectify defective or omitted work issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Suspensions of work and subcontractor’s charges claims

Claims against statutory insurance scheme in relation to incomplete or defective domestic building work

Contract preparation and advice

Advising on the most suitable arrangements and contracts for projects, whether commercial and domestic/residential

Drafting contracts and assisting in the drafting terms to meet client needs

Contract administration and licencing

Advising on builder’s licensing matters, including financial compliance

Contract reviews

Reviewing contract and negotiating amendments

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